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This is the Borneo Bay Cat, one of the rarest wild cat breeds in the world.  Endangered, forest-dwelling, and about the size of a house cat, it’s population is facing a projected decline of more than 20% by 2020 due to habitat loss.

I never thought I’d see photos of them on my dash!

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What is significant about fan fiction is that it often spins the kind of stories that showrunners wouldn’t think to tell, because fanficcers often come from a different demographic. The discomfort seems to be not that the shows are being reinterpreted by fans, but that they are being reinterpreted by the wrong sorts of fans - women, people of colour, queer kids, horny teenagers, people who are not professional writers, people who actually care about continuity (sorry). The proper way for cultural mythmaking to progress, it is implied, is for privileged men to recreate the works of privileged men from previous generations whilst everyone else listens quietly.

Menage a Trois | Sam, Dean, & Cas



Dean nodded in agreement with Castiel, moving closer to him a bit. “I’d like to kiss you too,” he said softly, bending his head down toward the angel’s. He pressed his lips hesitantly to his stubbled chin, pulling back before placing a soft kiss on his lips. His eyes were closed but his hands extended to reach for Sam hoping to pull him to the both of them.


Sam watched the two of them kiss and a small smile played at his lips, acknowledging that this moment felt surreal because never did it once cross his mind that he’d be able to have his brother and friend together like this. Taking Dean’s hand, he moved himself closer, pressing a small kiss to Dean’s cheek and leaning forward to do the same for Cas. “I was feeling a bit left out.”

Castiel pulled away from Dean and turned to kiss Sam, humming into the kiss softly. “I wouldn’t wish for you to feel that way,” he murmured, his lips brushing Sam’s. “What happens now?” He looked between the two of them, searching for an answer. “Do we lie on the bed?” 



Castiel ducked his head even more, then stretched his neck out as far as possible, opening the frill at the back of his head to give the alpha access to his neck. If he was going to be killed for trespassing, he wanted it to be a quick death, not drawn out. He wouldn’t fight back.

He looked up at the alpha, his tongue sliding out as he scented the air. “If you wish to kill me, I only ask that you do so quickly,” he whispered, his voice breaking with fear.

"Who says I’m gonna kill you?" Dean approached the omega. He wasn’t sure if he was there alone or not, but if he wasn’t he probably was now, if the sounds coming from the orchard were anything to go by. "I mean, you didn’t exactly take anything, or did you…?" He moved closer, scenting the omega

He sniffed the omega again, being was flooded by the delicious scent again. which was 10 times stronger now that he was this close and friggin’ addictive. “Who sent you here?”

Castiel shook his head hurriedly. “I didn’t take anything,” he replied, his eyes wide. “I would never take anything from an alpha such as yourself. Everyone knows that’s suicide for an omega.”

He sniffed at the alpha, his wings twitching slightly at the amazing smells coming from the other dragon. “N-no one sent me. M-my parents made me leave our home, and I-I can’t fly well right now, so I thought…with the scent of an alpha around, other alphas wouldn’t bother me…and that you might not smell me because of all the gold. I-I just needed somewhere safe to stay for a few days.”